AEW Seeks Vice President of People and Culture to Collaborate Directly with Tony Khan

AEW is about to turn up the heat on its human relations game!

According to the grapevine at AEW headquarters, the company is on the hunt for a new Vice President of People and Culture who will report directly to the big boss himself, AEW CEO Tony Khan. But what’s on the agenda for this hotshot VP? Well, it’s a smorgasbord of talent management tasks, including recruitment, retention, employee relations, succession planning, compensation design, total rewards, training, executive coaching, and people development. Phew, that’s a mouthful!

But that’s not all. This new VP of People and Culture won’t just be twiddling their thumbs; they’ll be teaming up with Khan and the rest of AEW’s top brass to help shape and refine the culture and employee experience at the company. Talk about a high-stakes gig!

In addition to all that, this VP extraordinaire will also be responsible for cooking up, implementing, and keeping an eagle eye on programs and policies that align with AEW’s core values. Plus, they’ll be sitting right alongside the bigwigs in the executive management team, serving as a “strategic thought partner” in AEW’s grand business schemes. And did we mention they’ll be keeping tabs on the success of all the other departments in the AEW universe? It’s a big job, to say the least!



Now, in case you’re wondering, the seasoned wrestler Christopher Daniels is currently donning the hat of AEW’s Head of Talent Relations. We can only imagine he’ll be rubbing shoulders and sharing the ropes with the incoming VP of People and Culture. And let’s not forget about the other folks in AEW’s front office who are in the trenches of talent relations every day, like Community Outreach Officer Amanda Huber, Wrestling Administration Coordinator Will Washington, Chief Marketing Officer Dana Massie, and Public Relations Head Adam Hopkins.

So, AEW fans, get ready for some serious power moves behind the scenes as they revamp their human relations game. It’s all part of the grand showbiz spectacle.

What impact do you think the appointment of a new Vice President of People and Culture will have on AEW, both internally for employees and externally for fans? Leave us a comment below.

November 17, 2023 4:14 am


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