AEW Fast-Tracking All In London Set-Up Thanks to Taylor Swift

AEW has a lot of things lined up for 2024 already. Their return to Wembley Stadium on August 25th, 2024 will also open the door for Taylor Swift to play more shows in the famous venue. Of course, this will take a little extra effort, but Tony Khan is willing to do it.

Ringside News had comprehensive coverage of AEW Full Gear, highlighting the event’s significance and numerous talking points. After the show was over, Tony Khan was very happy to speak about AEW’s next steps.

Tony Khan revealed during the media scrum that Wembley Stadium approached them to ask if they could speed up their load-in time for All In London 2. This will help Wembley Stadium host more Taylor Swift shows. Tony Khan wanted to make it known that AEW is willing to spend the extra money to get that done.

“This is going to be very different. You talked about the logistics, from a preparation standpoint, this is going to be a very different challenge for AEW. The load-in is a very different schedule than what we had last year.”



“If you look at the calendar of Wembley Stadium events on August 2024, you’ll see that Taylor Swift is scheduled ahead of us. Taylor Swift being scheduled ahead of us at Wembley Stadium is a big deal, and I have some interesting stories about how all this came to be and where we’re at.”

“It’s very fun, so when Wembley approached us about our load-in and the Taylor Swift shows, there was an opportunity for them to add more shows, and we are going to do everything we can to abbreviate our load-in time. So, they came to us and said, ‘it would help us out a lot if you could load in your show faster, because we could have the opportunity to have more Taylor Swift shows and could you guys do that?’ We said it would be costly and challenging, and we would like to help you out, so we will.”

Tony Khan noted that it will cost more, but they will double their efforts and “hopefully score points” with Taylor Swift fans. He said that everyone wins, and “I’m not going to get crushed or killed in the process,” so Wembley Stadium is getting more Taylor Swift shows thanks to AEW.

We will have to see what AEW books for All In London 2. Will Ospreay already made it clear that he wants a great opponent for the big show.

It seems that AEW may have won over some Taylor Swift fans in the process, because thanks to their efforts, T Swift can entertain even more fans in Wembley Stadium. For more on this story, and so much more, please keep checking back with us here at Ringside News.

What’s your take on this story about AEW and Taylor Swift? Would you have gone through the extra effort for Taylor Swift? Let us know what you think about things in the comments section!

Transcription by Ringside News

November 19, 2023 2:15 am


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