AEW Continental Classic Tournament Endgame Inspired by ’80s Japanese Promotion

AEW is always looking to do something different to keep their fans engaged with the current product, one way or the other. Their latest idea was to introduce their own version of the G1 Climax tournament – the Continental Classic. The tournament seems to be inspired by an ’80s Japanese promotion as well.

Earlier this month, Tony Khan introduced the Continental Classic tournament, which is round-robin competition that will see 12 stars compete weekly in matches. The tournament will begin on November 22nd in Chicago, and then it will continue for the next six weeks until the finals on December 27th in Orlando.

For the time being Eddie Kingston, Mark Briscoe, Andrade El Idolo, and Bryan Danielson are all participants in the tournament. Tony Khan also noted that the winner of the tournament will become the Triple Crown Champion.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shared details about the tournament, explaining how the NJPW Strong title gets combined with the ROH Title alongside the new Continental Championship – thereby making the winner a Triple Crown Champion. It was added that this is what All Japan did in the late 80s when they had the International and United National Titles mered.



So the deal with this is that the Ring of Honor Championship essentially is changed to the Triple Crown. The New Japan Strong title essentially goes away as part of the Triple Crown. This is what All Japan did in the late 80s when they had the International and United National Titles all merged. And essentially, it becomes one title. The key to this is that they have a championship that is defended in New Japan, Ring of Honor, and sanctioned by all three. So that’s the uniqueness of it in the sense that it’s a three promotion.”

So it’s a championship that was formerly the Ring of Honor Title that allows the Ring of Honor Title to be defended in three different companies as a joint promotion title.

The company also has unique plans for the Triple Crown Champion. It remains to be seen who will end up becoming the Triple Crown Champion after the Continental Classic tournament concludes. After all, the champion will be someone who is able to take such responsibility on their shoulders.

What do you think of the Continental Classic tournament? Who do you want to see in the whole thing? Sound off in the comments!

November 19, 2023 8:36 am


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