Adam Copeland Rejects ‘Traitor’ Accusations After Choosing AEW Over WWE

AEW WrestleDream delivered night of incredible moments that will be remembered for a long time, with Adam Copeland’s debut being the biggest moment in the whole show. Copeland was part of WWE for 25 years and quite a few fans were upset over his AEW debut, but Copeland has rejected accusations of him being a traitor for signing with AEW over WWE.

Adam Copeland accomplished everything one could possibly achieve in WWE during his 25 years in the company. That didn’t stop fans from accusing him of being a traitor for joining AEW last month.

While speaking to Adrian Hernandez, the WWE Hall of Famer addressed the group of fans who accused him of being a traitor for choosing AEW over WWE. Adam Copeland rejected such accusations and made it clear he was not a traitor.

“You know, it’s interesting. Just in terms of, I guess, how people have like almost a brand allegiance or a team allegiance kind of thing. For me, I knew there was gonna be some fan base in switching companies that [said], ‘Oh, he’s a traitor.’ But, man, nobody’s a traitor. We left on great terms.”



Adam Copeland teamed up with Darby Allin and Sting and defeated The Patriarchy at AEW Full Gear last week. It remains ot be seen what the company has planned for Copeland next.

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November 21, 2023 5:31 am


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